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40 ideas to reduce your household carbon footprint

The Easy Peasy 10

  • Turn your lights off when you leave a room and don’t leave outside lights on.

  • Always shop with your own lifetime bags, tip: leave some in your car.

  • Unplug when you can, e.g. unplug phone chargers.

  • Set the washing machine to a lower temperature.

  • Turn the water off while you brush your teeth.

  • Switch to paperless billing - including your credit card & bank statements also helps reduce identity fraud.

  • Don’t print anything unless you have to.

  • Bring your own mug and reusable water bottle.

  • Cut the junk mail, contact the Post Office and ask to stop all junk mail.

  • Buy fruit and vegetables in season and UK grown.

The Simple 10

  • Switch your energy supplier to a renewable energy supplier/contract.

  • Eliminate use of single use plastics, check the packaging of what you are buying is recyclable.

  • Compost your green waste, including tea leaves and your own garden waste.

  • Reduce your use of the car, walk/run/cycle or use public transport.

  • Capture rain water into water butts and save money on your water bills.

  • Take back plastic plant pots to Garden Centres.

  • Return coat hangers that come with new clothes to stores.

  • Reduce the amount of meat you consume - go for “meat-free Mondays”.

  • Only use and buy fully seasoned logs for your fire/wood burning stove.

  • Buy locally sourced foods, such as from a butcher, a farm shop or even direct from the farm; you will be surprised what is on offer in our area, will taste so much better!

The 10 ideas that need a bit more thought:

  • Travel more wisely, maybe take fewer longer holidays to reduce your travel.

  • Consider going on holiday by train instead of flying, if you can.

  • Don’t replace your mobile phone with a new one when your contract runs out, go to SIM only - even just for one extra year -  and will save you money.

  • Give your old phones to a charity or send away for recycling – but don’t forget to delete your data.

  • Install smart heating controls at home and a smart meter, they will save you money.

  • Give some of your garden over to wild flowers and save on mowing

  • Enrich your garden with wildlife corridors, bee and butterfly friendly plants, wood piles for beetles, bee hotels and bird feeders.

  • Find a suitable spot in your garden and plant a tree.

  • Do a weekly meal plan and only buy the food you need to reduce waste.

  • Go 2 days a week meat free.

The 10 if you can ideas

  • Check if you are eligible for a Green Homes or Renewable Heat Incentive grant: see the Grants page.

  • Change your gas or oil boiler to an air source heat pump, check if you can get a grant to help pay for it, will save you money from month one: see the low carbon heating page.

  • Install Solar PV, the costs have come down enormously – worth a look and will save you money over time.

  • Go vegetarian.

  • Try buying from a shop that does not use plastics and provides refills (search zero waste shop Farnham).

  • Grow vegetables in your garden/greenhouse/ or pots on a patio, take advice and grow things you want and that will save you money.

  • Replace kitchen appliances over 10 years old, and always buy A+++ rate appliances -  they will also save you money, an A+++ fridge could save you £40 per year.

  • Use rechargeable batteries - will save you money in the long term.

  • Replace all bulbs with LED, replace the lights where you cannot just change the bulb.

  • Change to an electric car, they are getting better and the long term cost of ownership is now cheaper than running a petrol or diesel vehicle, also no road tax, lower service and running costs and no congestion charge until 2025.

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