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Churt's response to Earth Day 2021 
Pledges to 'Restore our Earth'

Churt's response to to the call to pledge one new action to help to restore our Earth as part of our local  Earth Day 2021 initiative was undoubtedly led by our pupils at St John's School. Here is a gallery of their imaginative drawings of  '5 ways I can help our Earth' 

Our earth our future.jpg

Cubs and Scouts  

pledged all kinds of actions which will  contribute to their Naturalists badge (for Cubs) and World Challenge Award (for Scouts).

Pledges included :

  • Make a beetle bucket

  • Make a bug hotel

  • Create a wildflower patch in the garden

  • Use less electricity (turn off lights and devices when not using)

  • Save water when brushing teeth

  • Plant vegetables

  • Family litter-pick hikes around the Flashes and Frensham Common

Bug hotel.jpg
Make a beetle bucket.jpg
Maggy Shiel's Hugelkultur bed
P1140701 (2).JPG

Churt households 

pledged a wide spectrum of actions including a number of pledges to garden more sustainably. Pledges included:

  • Peat free gardening

  • Make a hügelkultur no dig raised bed

  • Make own compost for the greenhouse using horse manure

  • Drastically limit use of chemicals in the garden

  • Never use any chemicals or peat on our land and produce all of our own potting compost on site

  • Plant a tree for Earth Day (we plant quite a few each year anyway, as this is something that can make such a difference

  • A summer no mow meadow

  • Plant 5 trees on our field margin

  • Avoid food waste and upcycle food 

  • Go to a heat pump when it makes sense to dispose of the current boiler

If you haven't already done so, it's not too late to make a pledge of one additional 2021 action that your household can add to its current list of actions to combat climate change and  help restore our planet. You will find lots of ideas on this website.

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