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Churt's response to Earth Day 2022 
Pledges to 'Invest in our Planet'

Earth Day 2022 (2).jpg
EarthDay 2022 (2).jpg
Checking different kinds of water filters.jpg

Churt's reponse to the call for pledges to ‘Invest in our Earth’ as part of Churt's Earth Day 2022 campaign yielded some interesting promises.

Thank you to everyone who pledged support!

Pupils at St John’s School discussed the importance of water on this blue planet and how it is essential for plants, animals and humans. They experimented with various filters and realised how lucky we are to have clean water on tap. They pledged to value and conserve water as a vital resource to life on Earth.


And there was one self admission to a  tactically lazy extension to  ‘No Mow 2022’ with a photo diary of what takes root on the front lawn!

Daisies on the lawn

No Mow May was high up the list and there is much evidence of it all around the village. Added to No Mow May were a number of pledges to create a wildflower space as part of the garden, verge or a field. Our pollinators are rejoicing!

Cubs holly pulling.jpg

1st Churt Cubs and Scouts are continuing to increase the biodiversity of Wicket Wood by pulling holly seedlings and bracken so that they don’t out-compete other species and the Beavers collected crisp packets for recycling. They also planted beans, sunflowers and cress which they will look after at home so that they will better understand the needs of plants and why they are important to us.

There were some unusual pedges of all kinds from households including: 

  • To use my water butt and water from my sink and shower on my garden and to put  a bag in my cistern to save water on each flush.

  • Continue as an eco-warrior with recycling.

  • To not fly at all and visit family abroad by train.

  • To look at ways to improve the energy efficiency of my home and in family life, drawing less on earth’s resources.

  • To care for trees already planted,  plant more trees and plant a native hedgerow which is good for wildlife.

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