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Noise and environmental pollution from increased private jet traffic using Farnborough Airport. 

Information on airspace changes, public meeting in Churt in September 2022 and monthly newsletters from the Farnborough Noise Group (Updated February 2023)

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Farnborough Airport Flights

Many of us have noticed the new, massive increase in low-flying aircraft and associated noise. 


In April this year, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) started a review of the flightpaths introduced in 2020.   Following our objections, the CAA has now agreed that noise within a 20-mile radius will now be considered as part of the review.  This is important as Farnborough Airport want to vastly increase the number of flights and use larger jets.  

Download the February 2023 newsletter  from the Farnborough Noise Group

Download the January 2023 newsletter  from the Farnborough Noise Group

Download the December 2022 newsletter  from the Farnborough Noise Group

Download the slides presented at the public meeting held at Churt Village Hall on 20 September 202

Unless we make our voices heard – and urgently - the situation will get much worse.  The main flightpaths are below, with most flights coming from the south along the red corridor which goes over Churt.

Farnborough Airport Flight Corridors (Red and Blue).jpg

The review  is known as a “Post Implementation Review” (PIR).  Whilst noise in the wider area is to be included in the review there are other issues that should also be considered such as:


  • Government guidance advises that flights over Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty should be at over 7,000 ft (most Farnborough Airport aircraft are at 2,500 to 4,000 ft when they pass overhead).

  • The climate crisis and the UK government’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions means that we should be restricting the use of private jets that are 20 – 40 times more polluting than commercial jets (per passenger mile). 

  • The World Health Organisation has revised its “safe levels” of pollution down and readings from nearby the airport often exceed these levels.


  • Aircraft going to and from Heathrow and Gatwick are using this new airspace and flying lower.

Actions you can take


There are 3 types of actions for you to take.  You can choose some (or all) of:

1. Write to those conducting the PIR to ask that the issues above are considered.

    Farnborough Airport Ltd, Farnborough Airport, Farnborough, GU14 6XA


2. Write to your MP to ask that they put pressure on the CAA for the above measures to be taken into account.

    Jeremy Hunt:

    Damian Hinds:

3. Complain about noisy flights:

     by email:


Please copy in so they can keep a separate record of complaints and coordinate.

It is particularly important that we complain about as many Farnborough Airport related flights as possible until at least April 2023.  Without a regular stream of complaints from a wide variety of people, Farnborough Airport will claim that the public are content with the changes and the flightpaths will be set in stone which will be disastrous for the area as the airport ramps up its activities.


Template letters are available from  

For  more details on the airspace change, you can read a paper written by Colin Shearn.

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