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Farnborough Airport Expansion and Airspace Changes
1 July 2022 Update

Click here to download the information leaflet with details and the action you can take so that the airspace review now underway is fair, inclusive and reflects the views of Churt residents  

There are now many more aircraft flying low over us and the numbers are planned to increase substantially.


The formal assessment of the impact of the airspace changes only considers an area immediately surrounding Farnborough Airport. The assessment needs to be expanded to include all aircraft and all areas affected by the airspace changes.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) introduced new controlled airspace and flightpaths in 2021 for Farnborough Airport which is now the 12th busiest airport in the UK and provides services for private jets. The new flightpaths were specifically designed to fly over rural areas, including Churt.


It has also meant that helicopters and light aircraft have been pushed out of the airspace and are now flying lower and around the Farnborough Airspace which has made the noise situation worse.

Moreover, aircraft going to and from Heathrow and Gatwick now appear to be using this new airspace and flying lower.

Farnborough Airport Flight Corridors (Red and Blue).jpg

Farnborough is currently operating approximately 30,000 flights a year but only carries about 2,000 passengers. It has a licence for 50,000 flights and has publicly stated it intends to increase the number, especially with large jets to support a growing long-haul market. In other words, In other words, it’s going to get worse.


All this at a time, after COP26 in Glasgow, when we signed up to be tackling climate change and private jets are 20 – 40 time more polluting than a commercial flight per passenger.


A year-long review of the airspace changes started on 1st April 2022. The CAA has decided not to communicate with the public and restricted the scope of the review not to measure the impact of noise resulting from the airspace change.


You may be frustrated by aircraft noise and want to express your views, but the CAA and Farnborough Airport have declined to say how you should complain, to whom, when and in what format. In the original 2014 consultation, a lot of letters from the public were “lost”. Churt Parish Cuncil has written to both Jeremy Hunt and Damian Hinds about the issues. All the MPs in the impacted areas have been contacted by Farnborough Noise Group but have said only a handful of constituents have contacted them so far. It is only our MPs who can approach the CAA to request an expansion of the airspace review (PIR) to include the effects of noise and pollution to all affected areas, not just a three mile radius around Farnborough Airport.


In order that your comments are captured, ideally send them to:


You can also complain about problems with specific aircraft by emailing the airport at, calling them on 01252 526001, or using the online application


Please also copy into your correspondence and if you have any questions or want more information, please contact them.


An open meeting is being hosted by Tilford Eco Network on Thursday 14 July at 7pm at Tilford Institute to discuss aviation and the changes at Farnborough Airport. Please register if you plan to attend

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