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Field Studies Council Activities

The Field Studies Council have created some great videos plus downloadable resources to go with them under a Creative Commons licence, which we share with our young people in Churt.

FSC Lesson 1 What to do on a walk.jpg

What to do on a family walk in the woods. Learn  how to identify trees, and figure out their height and age in a fun way, as well as the game ‘meet a tree’, and an immersive ‘sit spot’ activity too. 

Download the resource pack

FSC Lesson 2 Brilliant Birds.jpg

Brilliant Birds - All about garden birds. This session will help you identify key characteristics of our most common garden birds, help you work out which one is which and show you how to make your own bird feeder.

Download the resource pack

Download a garden birds id guide

FSC Lesson 3 A peep at ponds.jpg

A Peep at Ponds - This session shows you how to pond dip, how to identify what you find and how to make a mini wildlife pond at home.  

Download the resource pack

FSC Lesson 4 Wild skills.jpg

Wild Skills - Have you ever wanted to build your own shelter? This session shows you where to start as well as how to catch creepy crawlies in your garden 

Download the resource pack

FSC Lesson 5 More to do on a walk.jpg

More things to do on a walk- More fun activities for your family walks – this time making smelly potions, playing a colour match game, learning about natural camouflage and looking out for signs of Spring.

Download the resource pack

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