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St John's Forest School - when schools were closed

Forest School classes were tricky when schools were closed during lockdown 3 of the Covid pandemic. But Mrs Wills who runs the Forest School at our village infant school sent lessons home to pupils each week as a video link. Here are the classes starting from 15 January 2021.

Mrs Wills Wild Wood learning
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A spotters sheet on things to look out f

Link to the 15 January 2021 video.

Look out for early signs of spring on a family walk around the garden or in the woods. See what you can spot. 

A bird feeder made in a kitchen mug

Link to the 29 January 2021 video.

Make a bird feeder using an old cup, a stick, a piece of string, some lard and bird food. You will need your parent's help for this as you have to melt the fat.

How to identify a tree by touch

Link to the 22 January 2021 video.

Play the Tree Game!

Learn how to identify a tree by touch when you are blindfolded and hear the story of "The Giving Tree" 

Silver birch bark

Link to the 5 February 2021 video.

Learn all about the bark of the Silver Birch tree. You will find lots of them in the woods and on the commons around Churt.

An old oak tree

Link to the 12 Febuary 2021 video.

What tree is this? 

Take a look at Oak trees, planting acorns and doing a bark rubbing.

Robin perched  a stump.png

Link to the 5 March 2021 video.

Learn all about the song of a Robin and how to recognise him.

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